Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Being a Young Grandmother.....

I think I was 38.. yes 38 when I found out my daughter was pregnant .... I hated my grandson's father, so that made it hard for me to LOVE my unborn grandson. I hated the prospect of being a grandmother ... seriously... AT 38?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me? UGH! I would take my daughter to her appointments, and I'd hear the heartbeat of my unborn grandchild and it didn't even pierce this steely resolve I had built up out of hatred.... I just didn't care.. no worse.. I HATED every moment of it.

My poor daughter, I can't even imagine the guilt she felt, the shame she felt at my own hands.. that she went thru those 9 months having to deal with my snickering, my meanness, my hate. and add to that.. I was ONLY 38.. I wasn't ready to bear the title of "GRANDMOTHER" you might as well have called me "GRANDDRAGON" or "GRANDWIZARD" or some "GRAND" horrible name... because it was just .... I couldn't accept and YET here it was, about to be my reality....

My grandson Fe'ao Fahina (currently age 7) came a 7 weeks early and the transition that took place in my heart... Night & Day... I fell INSTANTLY in love with my grandson.. all the hatred, the feeling of insecurity of being labeled a grandmother, fell away. He had to stay in the hospital for an additional 2 weeks and I was there every single day, hovering over him, fussing over him, making sure my daughter was feeding him, changing him correctly, hugging him all the time, talking to him every waking second..

I've since had 2 more grandkids and I'm only 45... I have a grandaughter Keitana who is 5 years old. I remember complaining to my daughter "How the hell did I give birth to such a quiet daughter? I hope one of my grandkids takes after me" and LO and BEHOLD.. enter Keitana the fierce, the warrior, the opinionated, the curious, the fearless, my granddaughter.. my MINI-ME!! hahahaha be careful what you wish for.. you just might GET IT!! and I sure did...

and my most recent grandchild.. my grandson Wayne Lawrence To'iaivao 4 months.. my bundle of big eyes, big fat thighs, and beautiful smile.... My bundle of happiness & joy...

I've been blessed.... to be young enough to enjoy my adult children AAAANNND my grandkids. My house is full, my life is full, and my heart is full... So being a young grandmother isn't as bad as I originally thought.. if anything, these grandkids have done an amazing job of keeping me young at heart.... Heres to being a grandparent... because something happy & magical happens when you step into this next phase of your life... CHEERS!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

being Single, Married, Divorced.... and the birth of something new.

I've had the fortune to meet so many different people in my life, hear their stories, celebrate in their joys, weep with them in their time of pain. I've been able to sympathize, most times empathize with many of the trials that these people go through. 

The demographic I most empathize with are the single mothers, and some single dads but although I've played mom AND DAD to my children, I'm a mother and it is the single mothers whose plight I can relate to... 

I don't know how many times I've shared my story but I'm going to share it again... when I was young it was my dream.. wait, no.. it wasn't a dream.. it was supposed to be what I thought was the natural order of things.. go to school, graduate, go on a mission ( for some), get married, have kids, live happily ever after.... Well, lets say I accomplished 4 of the 6 things I just mentioned.. 

I was single, went to school, graduated, I did NOT go on the expected Mormon mission, I got pregnant, then I got married and NOT to the father of my first pregnancy, had MORE children, then I got a divorce.. that's the HIGH level overview.. lol 

Before marriage, before kids.. I had an awesome single life. I lived it up. I went to school, rebelled, made awesome and horrible decisions, one thing that did NOT exist during my single adulthood was Insecurities... exactly! Insecurities? What's that? I truly was a free spirit. Gosh I miss those days.. and I don't know what it was that made it possible for me to just be FREE! and it wasn't that I didn't give a damn.. I just didn't think about that. It did NOT exist in my world. I didn't have to think about it, work at being secure.. it just was. It continued to be that way even during my marriage and up until the day my then husband told me he cheated on me.

I got married, had children and thought "this is my life" and thought "this is what 'HAPPY' looks like"... the day my then husband told me he cheated on me.. well back then... it was the most devastating day of my life but now, in hindsight, it was the birth of the new me. It shattered all preconceived notions, expectations of what my life was supposed to be like. It demolished the cookie cutter life I was almost sentenced to living.... Back then.. it hurt like a bitch. The pain was too great but now, looking back.. it was just like birth.. it was a painful experience, teetered around the feeling of death, wanting to die, but after all that, it gave way, gave birth to a new me, and I had yet to figure out who this new me was... I just knew that it was never going to be the same, and it never was.

After putting in so many years after that dreaded announcement, into trying to fix my relationship, it was just time to throw in the towel and start working on me. I finally found the courage to allow myself to be selfish, to focus on my happiness, to work on me, and realize that I was just put into a position where I did NOT have to buy into the cookie cutter dream that was expected of me by so many people, by society, my community, my religion, my family.. .and for a long time, me. 

It wasn't an easy transition. The transition from being Single and Free, to Married with children, to Divorced with children was no easy feat... but I did it, and I survived and I am still learning about me but I have a better grasp of who I am today then I did back when I was married. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don't have anyone else to fall back on for validation, I just have me, I don't have anyone to turn to for strength, I just have me. I don't have anyone to go through life's ups and downs with, I just have me, and because of that, I've had to hold myself accountable, responsible for my own outcome, my own happiness, my own journey.. 

I am now in the process of trying to regain that same awareness (or NON awareness) when I was single, and had no feelings of insecurity, just an emotional, and mental state of being free.. free from insecurities, doubts, rejection, fear and I think I am getting there but this time with a little more experience, knowledge, and hopefully some wisdom, and all this at a "slowly but surely" tempo

So YES, I've been single, Married, and Divorced.. I've done it all and I survived.. and I am A-OK!! I'm not saying that this is the prescription for all single women, or married women going through a divorce, or already divorced women, but it was a trial an error for me, and yes I came out a little scathed, but like a burn. or snakes skin for that matter, it hurts, it heals, it sheds and allows for the birth of something new... 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pacific Islander Women, Sex, Liberation, and the MOB Mentality...

Yup, I'm back.. and just so you know, I am not your typical writer/blogger. I write the way I would talk to you if we were sitting face to face in some coffee shop, in my living room, and if you were my lover.. well across from me on my bed.. (Oh I know I am going to hell for that one haha) anyways..

In the last few days I have been surrounded by topics of women's liberation on sex, careers, being outspoken, etc etc and also issues/topics on domestic violence, sexual violence, our Pacific Islander culture and the ways we SHAME our Pacific Islander Women when going against the Pacific Islander grain, all these topics/issues and how it is negatively affecting "The Pacific IslanderFemale"
and I am angry about it.......

I've experienced, read up, studied these things ALL MY LIFE and I must say that the negative results that it has had on my SISTAH's and MYSELF has played a HUGE part in molding me, making me the woman I am TODAY. I KNOW for a fact that there are many people that under their breath call me a whore, slut, promiscuous, a nympho, etc etc.. I really don't give a damn... I'm a grown ass woman, and I OWN my decisions...

MEET the most FEARED woman in the world - IT IS a woman who KNOWS her mind and is NOT afraid to speak it, live it, preach it, OWN IT regardless of the backlash she may get, how many friends, family, she may lose, she is TRUE to herself. - THIS ... is the most feared woman in the world, and there are MANY that fit this description and there are many parts of the world that are still unable to accept this type of female.. they are too intimidating..

Anyways, here goes...

Incident 1: In the last few days I've read, seen videos, posts, comments of a woman who was shamed by her own community because she was caught having sex with a man in the backseat of her car.. the ASSHOLE filmed the entire thing and posted it on social media where the backlash from her community was vicious and yet the man just faded into the backseat of the car.. 

Incident 2: There was a young lady whose hair was cut and it was filmed and posted on social media for all to see because she was caught sleeping with a guy among other things that she was doing that was upsetting the family she was living with. Again, another demonstration of shaming one of our Pacific Islander females. This type of punishment is an old school method. The parents, or guardian would completely chop of the young woman's hair as to make her unattractive so much so that she would NOT desire to be seen in public and also because it was a practiced method of shaming, if you WERE seen in public and your hair WAS chopped off, it was cause for gossip, shaming, judging, and much speculation...

I can't STAND it... 

lets start with Incident 2. I won't lie, back in my younger years I would have been part of the MOB, I would have been swept up in that MOB mentality. I would have responded with the same evil, vicious, no LOVE in my heart response like the rest of the crowd and if I could I probably would've searched my own house for shears to cut her hair off with. But now, I'm grown.. I've been through some things that made me realize how unbalanced the world is and its view when it comes to dealing with women's lib, topics, issues, and abuse. When I saw the video, saw the responses from the MOB.. my heart broke down. I know that she did things that upset the family but how do we intend to teach the world to be fair, balanced, show equal attention to women when we participate in the very punishment, the shaming OF our own sisters, the women, our feminism, the stripping away of a woman's dignity, decency, her pride in front of the world? When a huge percentage of the comments to punish this girl openly, the cheering on of her punishers, were women? We sit with accusatory looks on our faces, scream injustice when it comes to fair pay, equal rights, etc but here we are jumping on the band wagon, joining the MOB, getting swept up in that MOB mentality...I could never put my daughter through something like would break my heart, tear my soul to pieces...

Incident 1: I can't imagine any woman wanting to have that filmed and posted on social media.. seriously. and if she did want it filmed I'm sure she did NOT want her business being displayed for the world to see and yet there it was, for all of social media to watch, mock, and judge. All I know is if that were me, that man would be dead.. but again, the way that our community responded was heartbreaking to me. Accusing this woman of being a bad mom, neglecting her kids because she was out getting some... so if a woman has sex, she's being a bad mom? lol say that to my face.. ;)  and of course, where is her male counterpart? He has faded away into obscurity, probably surrounded by his male compadres being high five'd, patted on the back, treated as "THE MAN"

Ugh... I swear I should have had a stein of Blue Moon while writing this.. These FUCKING men (and some of  the women)!! We've been fucking since Adam & Eve and yet when it comes to being judged by the world, MEN are treated like "THE MAN" and women are shunned, shamed, punished and in some countries.. KILLED! I don't get it and I don't think I ever will. All I know is that if we women expect to be treated differently, we need to stop being swept up in the MOB mentality, and change the way we handle things, stop allowing people to shame us, shun us, single us out, humiliating us, and start practicing tolerance, non-judgment, and open mind, an acceptance of each persons individuality even if that means they like to have sex.. HELL... WHO DOESN"T?! actually I shouldn't ask that question, I know of a lot of women that don't like it.. but that's a topic for another day...

Who are we to judge? I don't remember our creator posting up a job description "Attention: Wanted - Judgers" get outta here with that..  My job is to Love, Show kindness, protect those that cannot protect themselves, and leave the judging to someone of a higher authority...  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Review on the movie "In Football We Trust"....

Last night I had the pleasure of being a part of the first screening of the movie "In Football We Trust..." It was an amazing turnout. What's not to love about a movie based on FOOTBALL, FAMILY, AND PACIFIC ISLANDERS? You could definitely feel the electricity in the air, the who's who of the Local Salt Lake Community was in attendance and everyone was just excited to finally get the opportunity to view the very talked about documentary as to the role football plays in the lives of the every day Pacific Islander family. That being said, I hope that my review comes across as honest, and thought provoking..

so here goes:

It takes a certain kind of someone to be able to NOT completely throw caution to the wind, maintain balance between cultural expectations, traditions, and their authentic independence in telling his/her truth. This movie follows the high school careers of four young Tongan student athletes, two of which are brothers and the other two unrelated to each other and/or the rest. In this movie Tony Vainuku details out the four important key elements that is shouldered by these young athletes "Football, Faith, Individual Identity, and Family" 

Just a little summary on Pacific Islander families and our view on social perspective, When Pacific Islanders are tasked with the responsibilities of showing face whether at weddings, funerals, birthdays, religious occassions, we do are very best to display a VERY united front, that we have our shit together, that we are a force to be reckoned with. Although you may have heard that a few of the individuals in our family have had bad run ins either with the law, other Polynesian families, at school, etc etc, as a group, we hope that the stance of our majority will far outweigh the sins of the individual

The Four Young Student Athletes:

Fihi Kaufusi:

Fihi's story touched on one of Religion, interracial relationships, and growing up in a single parent home. In this movie he is seen with his Palangi (white) girlfriend and states that his mother does NOT want to see him having a girlfriend, let alone a white one. Interacial relationships is probably one of the top 5 Polynesian mother's biggest fears. Although there wasn't a whole lot of focus but a mere glimpse of Fihi's relationship, trust me, it had all of us Polynesian mothers thinking long and hard. LOL Fihi was completely honest about his feelings about his absentee father, his love for his aunty turned mother and being raised in a very religious home. Now this is my very OWN opinion but religion can be both a blessing and burdening (back, back you religious zealots lol) and I say this because many of our youth, especially our student athletes our faced with the question of Do I prepare to serve a two year mission OR do I stay and focus on my football - many of these student athletes parents, if they stay honest with themselves question the very same thing as well, and even more so when they have a son who is an excellent, phenomenal athlete with the potential to start in college, and eventually graduate into Football Zion: The NFL. Fihi, like many of our passionate footbal players suffers an injury and tries to play past the pain because WHY? Because FOOTBALL is the goal, our possible MEAL TICKET out, our financial ZION... 

Harvey Langi: 

Harvey's story definitely reminded me of my own in the fact that his story touches on his obligation to his family, his very strong and very outspoken mother (just like me), and being one of Utah's TOP recruit. His name was EVERYWHERE and he was being pressured with the thoughts of being his families financial saving grace, and basically being in a position of being able to take care of his family. Harvey is not alone in this, his family is not alone this. I've had the very same desires, thoughts when it came to my own boys. I basically set myself up for disappointment. I'm not saying that his family has been disappointed. I am excited at the prospect of Harvey making it to the big league, I'm just saying that we, as Pacific Islander parents with athletic sons, neglect to realize the pressures that we put on our own children to SUCCEED when it comes to football and at ALL COST. The movie does an excellent job of capturing the pressures that Harvey feels, and we can't help but feel his pain in wanting to be everything that his family expects him to be. He's had to fight his own set of controversy.. his drug use, his battle on the field both physically and internally, and his constant war between wanting to find his own identity, and wanting to take care of his family. 

Leva & Vita Bloomfield:

I feel that the story behind these two brothers was unadulterated, unapologetically RAW. Although I cringed at the news report & clippings of Leva's troubled past being revisited again in this film, and as much as my "Polynesian Self" wanted to yell "why the hell Tony, did you have to show the WHITE folks this part of our youth" my other self knew it was a reality and needed to be expressed to the world that these are REAL problems, REAL issues that a lot of our polynesian families deal with. I hated it... and I appreciated it at the same time. Leva & Vita's father was very forthright with his own troubled past, his love and loyalty to the Bloomfield family, his role as father to both Leva and Vita, and how badly he wants for his sons not to follow in his footsteps. Gang Life is definitely a TRUTH in our Pacific Islander community and one that is an on-going controversial reality within our Pacific Islander YOUTH community. I thought it was very BRAVE of Fua & Kuata Bloomfield to allow their story to be told, to be shared with the mass and I applaud them for their bravery. Being Polynesian and exposing issues like these is not an easy one.... 

Bottom line, I think Tony Vainuku did an honest job in telling the stories of these four young men as truthfully as he could, and did not manipulate their truths whatsoever. I hope that the message of the importance of FOOTBALL in the lives of the every day Pacific Islander family was not lost in the raw footage of the other issues faced by these young men. There were cringe worthy moments, the swearing, the interacial relationships, the opinions of ones father, the issues with the law, the gang life, it was RAW, it was REAL, and this is the quick glimps of the lives of our Pacific Islander Student Athletes from different walks of life. Like I said at the beginning, it takes a special kind of someone to NOT completely throw caution to the wind, and find balance between cultural expectations, traditions, and  maintain their authentic independence in telling his/her truth.


My Review of the documentary "Kumu Hina"

Kumu Hina

Let me take a sip of my coffee, get settled in, and do my damnedest to give a fair, honest, truthful review of this, in what is my OWN personal opinion, an amazing documentary. Just a fair warning, if you’re homophobic, transgender phobic, transsexual phobic, transvestite phobic, this may NOT be the review for you. You can jump out now before this review dares to open up a window in that mind and change it to a more tolerable one, lol.  

Unlike the movie “In football we trust” I had a very hard time writing a review on this documentary. With the “In football we trust” documentary I had my own personal experiences I could pull from so it made writing on the subject matter very easy. With Kumu Hina, there are many moving parts and only ONE I can identify with and that is with Hina’s attempts to preserve & protect her culture, her heritage, the Hawaiian language, the Hawaiian traditions and even then I question my own level of commitment in protecting & preserving my own people’s language, culture, traditions, my father’s heritage when compared to this Transgender, Cultural, Hawaiian Icon.. Hina. 

There are so many layers to this documentary and I’m going to do my very best to touch on ALL OF IT.. So Here goes…

This film Kumu Hina documents the life of one Hina Wong-Kalu, a native Hawaiian transgender considered a cultural iconic figure in Hawaii. The Hawaiian word Kumu means Teacher and this film documents Hina’s journey as a Hawaiian cultural icon who is striving to protect and preserve her culture, heritage, arts, her language and all this while openly embracing her transgender identity.  Hina’s knowledge of her culture is vast, broad and extremely impressive and the fact that Hawaii looks to her as just that, their cultural icon without even batting an eye to her physical appearance says a lot about the respect they have for Hina and what she brings to the table.

You can’t help but recognize the broad shoulders, the low voice, the strong clenched fists during any of her Cultural performances, or the powerful masculine size legs, yet her face is that of a very beautiful Hawaiian wahine who happens to be a mahu. Right from the get, you know that Hina, was NOT born a woman yet, her mannerisms, her desires, her wishes are that of a woman.

Like most women, Hina desires to be married, have a family, and it just so happen she finds a Tongan husband who in the middle of the documentary we get to meet. Enter Hema from Tonga. We get to embark on Hina’s journey to Fiji to pick her husband up, where he has been waiting patiently while Hina works on his immigration papers, and bring him to Hawaii to begin their life together as husband and wife. Before we even get a glimpse of Hema, I’ve already tapped into a stereotypical image in my head of Hina’s husband. I imagine Hema to be mahu as well, or that he’s very feminine to want to be married to Hina, but when you watch the film Hema identifies himself as a straight man who just so happens to be married to a mahu. He fell in love with Hina’s looks, basically he fell in love with Hina, the woman.

If you didn’t know anything about Hema, just met him on the street, said hello and struck up a conversation with him, you’d NEVER in a million years think that he was in any way shape or form, married to or associated with a mahu, or the mahu community. What was even more incredible is that Hina speaks FLUENT Tongan and the documentary allows for us to be the fly on the wall during many of the conversations between Hina and Hema throughout the documentary shared in my father’s native tongue, Tongan. It was nice for me, a Tongan female, to hear my father’s language shared in this film, although some of the language used was very…. How should I say…. Colorful!!! Haha Definitely not the kind of words my father would allow me to use in his presence, or the presence of any of my relatives and close friends, hell the entire Tongan community. LOL I found out later that Hina speaks several Polynesian languages, Tahitian, Tongan, Hawaiian… ** Mouth agape with the words “WOW” stamped across my forehead ** MAJOR POINTS for Hina.

Hema himself and his role in this journey could easily spawn off a whole other discussion of identity, labeling, and journey but this is about Hina so I’m going to strive to stay focused lol

Not only is Hina a Hawaiian mahu transgender, a Hawaiian cultural practitioner, chair of the Oahu Island Burial council, but she is also a teacher and the cultural director of Hālau Lōkahi Charter School.
The kids at this school genuinely respect Hina. Unlike how I KNOW how the mainland schools would react to a person such as Hina, the students of Hālau Lōkahi Charter School’s reaction to Hina’s transgenderism (yup, it’s a word, I looked it up) is one of normalcy. They see Hina as a teacher and a cultural practitioner, a cultural icon. The fact that she is a transgender doesn’t seem to even cross their minds.  She does a phenomenal job of helping these kids navigate through their own personal, cultural journey, helps them understand the importance of protecting, preserving, and embracing their Hawaiian heritage, and their identity. The most interesting of these students is a young girl named Ho’onani who considers herself to be middle of the road spirit. That she is neither boy nor girl but a special class of her own, caught in the middle of both genders. When Ho’onani asks to be a part of the ALL male dance troupe Hina gives her the opportunity to lead the boys in a performance of the ai ka mūmū kēkē. Hina encourages Ho’onani to embrace her inner male spirit which leads to a climactic end of year performance at the Hālau Lōkahi Charter School.

This review was definitely not the easiest to write. It is just my opinion of what I thought to be an amazing journey of a phenomenal individual battling diversity while protecting, preserving the heritage of her people and influencing the lives of some of Hawaii’s young to be honest and accepting of their true selves and to embrace their culture along with their true identity of themselves whatever it is they deem it to be.

Kumu Hina – I definitely recommend this to the open minded and the non-judgemental 

Sex, Love, Relationships, Friends w/Benefits, my triggers... and self discovery

I'm ** ahem ** in my mid 40's... LOL can you believe that shit? I can't.. its like I blinked, and here I am, fighting gray hairs, facial hairs, aching joints, muscles, lack of sleep, stress, and aging... lol 

I'd like to think that I look great for my age... but come on, how much longer can I use that phrase? think that thought? another 5 minutes? haha blah!! I'm single... divorced 15 years. Anyone who knows me, knows this of me because what was something I used to hide from the world, I now wear like a damn merit badge LOL 'hey, look at me.. I've only been married ONE TIME, divorced ONE TIME!! Looking for my 2nd exhusband" maybe I shouldn't write this for fear of scaring off any would-be suitors.. lol Oh well, I've been single for 15 years, what's another 15? 

I wondered if I really wanted to blog again because I am at a point in my life where I really don't concern myself with the thoughts of others when it comes to me, the choices I make, how I live my life. Meaning, I really enjoy my truths, sharing my truths and throwing caution to the wind when it comes to telling MY STORY. 

So here goes:

I absolutely LOVE sex, I love LOVE, I love when I'm in a relationship, and I used to love my FWB setups... what I don't like is that I'm looking for intimacy in some of the most unhealthiest relationships, broken people, sometimes my own unhealthy self and my experience with this "intimacy" has been short lived ALL my life... it has been nothing long lasting and at this age, how do I compensate for this lack of intimacy? These triggers that set off inside me when i am missing, or feeling, an inadequate amount of intimacy is quite unhealthy both physically and emotionally. 

You would think that at this age, I'd be over these feelings of inadequacy when it comes to intimacy right? I should be feeling " I'm too old for this and should be feeling a lot wiser in my mature years"
but I'm not. I am finding that many women my age, in my same situation (divorced, older), yearn for the same things as all women of all ages.. Love, a relationship (make mine a healthy one please), to have her value recognized and appreciated by her significant other... I don't think this ever stops, regardless what age you are.

On another note, SEX (yes, my favorite topic) is great, awesome, that OH SO toe curling, yummy, and hopefully body shaking experience that most of us has to HAVE, however SEX will NEVER be a healthy replacement for LOVE, a healthy relationship, companionship, a ride or die partner in crime. I can hear the gasps and sad sighs across the land "It’s Not?" hahaha no it is NOT!! If its NOT with a partner who absolutely adores you.. it will ONLY break your heart... why waste your time when you can spend that time prepping yourself for something better, something more deserving of your time, your body, your mind.. your heart? I mean seriously... who doesn't absolutely love that orgasm? I definitely do!! lol But it is the worse go-to when you're feeling inadequate and need that intimacy. We are so much better than that.. repeat after me.. "We are SO much BETTER than that" hahaha repeat that for the next year or 2 or more... because if you've been falling back on sex to get you through these lonely times.. STOP. Do you know how hard it is for me to hear myself say this? To watch the words appear in front of me as I click each letter on my keyboard and watch the words formulate the very advice I am giving to you? These words that are causing me to cry?!?! haha NOOOOOOO!!!! Just kidding!! YES!!! We can do it! Sex is great, but the goal is to get ourselves into a healthy mental, emotional, physical state in order to receive and be in a healthy relationship, a healthy LOVE life, a healthy YOU. 

The pain that comes with experiencing a failed relationship still exist, the yearning for a former lover, girl/boyfriend, spouse, is very real... and regardless of what your age is, if you're single, divorced, widowed.. these are the risks you have to take when you put yourself out there.. But there also exists some joy when you finally find yourself in a healthy, fulfilling relationship.. whether it’s with a significant other, your creator, or your higher self..... or hopefully.. all three. 

I guess my takeaway from this self-discovery is that regardless of age, we will continue to repeat these cycles until we get it right.. until we get ourselves in the right place, respond with the right attitudes, when we've truly prepared ourselves, made ourselves ready to receive that "ideal" relationship.. but until then.. happy journey to self-discovery... 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This Journey right here......

Yeah.. I'm back... lol

I was encouraged to blog again and here I am blogging... AGAIN... hoping to attract an audience of like minded people who will learn from me as much as I plan on learning from them, people who are embracing their journey, the pain that accompanies us during our travels, with self-discovery as the goal, the joy that comes from hitting milestones, finding inner peace, balance, etc etc etc.....

at this age, there is still so much to experience, so much world to see, still so much life to live...
so here's to blogging again about This journey right here... let us pray.. lol